Updated DeletedOld CodeProject Article

After an extremely long time I’ve made an update to the DeleteOld console app and updated the CodeProject article.  The original was .NET 1.1 – this one’s now 2.0 (I’m not on 3 yet!)

It still does the same things it did – deletes files of a specified age, but now also:

  • Allows files to be deleted ‘newer’ than a certain age as well as ‘older’
  • Allows files to be deleted based on an absolute date (overriding the timeframe arguments)
  • Allows the ‘root’ path to be preserved if ‘remove empty folders’ is selected and the path specified is empty.
  • Fixed a bug in Arguments parsing regex as noted by dudik
  • Changed output datetime format to ‘full’ rather than specific dd/mm/yyyy as noted by a.plus.01

I had a need for the absolute date, so thought I may as well cover off a few other things. 

Hope it’s of some use…

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PrevX – DeleteOld (eh?)

I just found that the top entry in google for ‘codebureau’ is actually some listing on prevx.com (which I’d never heard of) that’s seeming to suggest that DeleteOld (a console app I posted on CodeProject some time ago) is possibly spyware/malware – bloody cheek!  I’d be interested to know how this pops up on that tool, and also whether the .NET code has some flaws that means it can be used in a malicious way.  At least then I could defend myself.