.NET Class Wizard disappearance

It finally happended today.  The thing that’s plagued so many other people who’ve installed and uninstalled multiple Visual Studio addins.  My C# Class, Form (and probably every other) wizard gave up the ghost which meant no new projects or new classes because the wizards had got themselves in a twist. 

It happened at work today so I googled and luckily got sorted out within 5 minutes!  If you’re in the same fix then look here as that very quickly did the trick for me!  I didn’t need to go as far as reinstalling the scripting engine thank goodness.

You might need to alter paths a little as your extensibility.dll may be in a publicassemblies folder (like mine) rather than the IDE fiolder.  dir /s should sort you out anyway

Looks like they still haven’t sorted out the ReSharper installer then!