Upgrading TortoiseSVN, Subversion 1.5 and AnkhSVN.

I thought I’d upgrade to v1.5 of TortoiseSVN this morning (leaving the server on V1.4.x) – of course completely forgetting that I use AnkhSVN in Visual Studio. 

New versions of TortoiseSVN and Subversion tend to upgrade the format for Working Copies.  This means AnkhSVN (1.02) was no longer compatible with my ‘new’ Working Copy and I got the following error…

This client is too old to work with Working copy ‘xxx’. Please get a newer Subversion client.

Thankfully AnkhSVN 2.0 is on the way and I downloaded a nightly build (2.0.4523.91) and installed (without uninstalling 1.0.2).  I usually do this to ‘test’ whether people write good installers.  Most people do the right thing with AutoUpgrade and 1.0.2 dutifully disappeared.

I loaded up Visual Studio with the same solution and – ‘Where’s my AnkhSVN menus gone?’.  As V2.0 is not even Alpha yet there’s not much in the way of obvious help on the Collabnet site.  The community area may have more, but I luckily didn’t need it.

I noticed in the application folder that there’s now an Ankh.Scc.dll.  Well blow me if they haven’t gone and made it a ‘standard’ Visual Studio SCC Provider!  Tools –> Options –> Source Control –> Plug-in Selection.  There it is.

Once you’ve got over that, then you might find a few little errors here and there, but the main difference is that instead of an ANKH menu on Tools and in the Solution Explorer context menu – you get a Subversion context menu. 

I’m liking it so far.  I think it’s probably stable enough to put your faith in and make the jump to SVN 1.5.

Update (08/07/2008) 
I submitted a bug report yesterday on an error I encountered (from the nice ‘send error details’ link) and got a reply saying ‘fixed in latest build’ the next day.  This bodes well!!!  Reasons to pay money for VisualSVN now disappearing fast…

Update (23/07/2008)

AnkhSVN v2.0 now officially out (that was a quick alpha/beta phase!)